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Why customer join, is not why they stay: Artificial intelligence reveals the key loyalty drivers for mobile provider 

Mobile customers may choose a carrier because of a proper connectivity. Interestingly this reason is not the most important for their loyalty and why customers recommend their carrier to others. Instead, the key driver of customer loyalty and recommendations are attractive plans. This is a core finding from Success Drivers’ recent category CX study.

The results exemplify the power of the company’s solutions to reveal hidden drivers of customer loyalty. Two research instruments, CX.AI and Brand.AI use two simple sources of information: a standardized scale to measure customer loyalty and an open text question asking “why?”. The study was done in collaboration with – an AI-powered platform for the analysis of open-ended survey questions.

“We asked 1,000 American customers: “Would you recommend your mobile carrier to a friend”. And we asked “why?” They most frequently answered “because of the good network connectivity/coverage” said Frank Buckler, CEO of Success Drivers and continues: “What we discovered is that this reason – although most mentioned – has a minor impact on customers loyalty and recommendations.”

The Success Drivers AI technology revealed the factors that were more likely to lead to carrier loyalty and recommendations. Although connectivity/coverage is known to be the one of the dominant factors why customers choose a carrier, it has only moderate impact on loyalty and recommendations. AI algorithms found that being satisfied with the actual plan is the largest reason why customers stay at a carrier and the dissatisfaction with their plan is the major reason for leaving.

The methodologies used in this study rely on coding text into content categories. The research tool is an AI-powered platform, which automatically codes text with great precision after training by human content experts. Its novel deep-learning-based engine enables fast, inexpensive and accurate analysis of large-scale open-end surveys or other text sources.

The figure below shows a more detailed picture of this study. The vertical axis is the frequency with which a loyalty factor has been mentioned, and the horizontal axis shows the impact of factors on customer loyalty. The results show the challenge of conventional survey research: customers find it difficulty in prioritizing what drives their behavior. Self-learning AI-based algorithms help finding the complex correlations between customer responses and their level of loyalty and likelihood to recommend.

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