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As an insights leader, you present great insights, but the leadership team isn’t acting on it?

You are not alone.

Why is the finance department so powerful, much more powerful than Marketing? Does it bring in clients? Or does it invent new products? Maybe it does produce revenue? In fact, to every business, the finance team is a cost. Still, it has the CEO’s ear. Why? Because finance leaders create something incredibly powerful: Relevant transparency.

Customer Insights core task is about transparency. But do they report the right numbers? Do they pay with “the right currency”? “Relevant” numbers will match the leadership’s objectives. Revenue, margins, cash-flow, costs, return on investment, or their bonuses.

Imagine you want to improve the customer experience…

What if, each month, you could put a simple chart in front of the CEO. A slide showing how customers experience of departments, regions, touchpoints, products of your firm? Now imagine you could add the bottom-line impact of this number to it!

In the top left corner, those who get the highest ratings. In the bottom right-hand corner, those with the most miserable bottom-line impact. Would your CEO want to see this chart? You bet. Would such a chart give you power? You bet.

Why? Because no department leader wants to stay in the bottom right-hand corner. AND everyone understands the direct link to companies’ goals.

Suddenly, you, as the insight leader, pay in the currency the senior leadership team is valuing.

Provide “Relevant Transparency” with Artificial Intelligence

What if you could tell your leadership precisely what to do to increase NPS by 10 points or sales by 10 percent? What if you could tell exactly which profit lift an additional NPS point will yield?

AI can tell you how to improve NPS (or satisfaction or CX). And it can predict the impact of actions onto NPS, churn, conversion, or cross-selling.

The good news is that applications are practical:

  • Uses existing data – no extra costs or time.
  • Get results in days, not month .
  • When predictions come true, leadership finally believe and trust you.

You can do it too – like Sonos, Microsoft, or T-Mobile.

SONOS used it and switched investments from sound to reliability improvements. C-suite had been impressed when predictions had been spot on. Show evidence on what matters and have the guts to make predictions. This is how you grow credibility.

Also, Microsoft successfully went from just more bug fixing to more thoroughly vetting of future updates.  Even T-Mobile used it to move from price leadership in 2013 to become “the Uncarrier”  (the robin hood of the industry). Due to this, the company has profitably tripled in size.

How does this work?

This article gives you a great introduction.  Then, this demo dashboard gives you a tangible look and feel of deliverables and a video tutor helps you fully understand it and to share it with colleagues.

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