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Is NSP the Right Measure?

Is NPS the Right Measure?


There are always discussion around this, that it’s actually not a great measurement.


This is what you hearing from insight professionals – from those who are very deep into it because there are arguments that if you use a Likert scale, where you have one, two, three, four, five, and every scale point well described, this is a better measurement of what’s happening.


This is probably true. Form a scientific point of view there are better ways to measure it out there. Also the NPS score is a share value. It computes, what kind of share our promoter share. If you have a share computation, it is very fragile for lower sample sizes.


There are some methodologically critics, but actually if you look at other things it’s quite a good measurement. So first of all, it is easy to explain. In most cultures 0 to 10 scale is intuitive. It’s easy to execute. If you look at the numbers, how well this correlates with other scales, it really highly covers it.


I don’t think that this is the key thing to argue about . NPS is one of many measures, but it is easy to execute and its well known. You can benchmark yourself against others.


I don’t think that’s it is a killer criteria that NPS is not the best measurement method.

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