Every day that you act on facts & correlations, instead of cause-effect insights, is a wasted chance for success.




4 X Impact of Actions on Revenue and Churn

We Take Data and Distill the One or Two Hidden Initiatives You Need to Focus On

Predict Fiscal Bottom-Line Impact

We Take You on a 3-Step Journeyto Unearth the Hidden Truths of Customer Feedback

Step 1

Supervised Deep Learning AI on Text Analytics

Automatically understand text feedback with the same accuracy of a human expert, but with computer-level speed.

  • Better accuracy than human coding
  • Custom codebook to your domain
  • Powerful emotional profiling

Step 2

Causal Machine Learning on Key Driver Analysis

Machine Learning doubles the predictive power and the causal machine learning eliminates biases and blind spots of conventional driver analysis.

  • Model nonlinearities and interactions in data
  • Understand indirect causal effects
  • Avoid the risk of Key Driver Analysis (KDA) of wrong signs and other wrong outcomes

Step 3

Predictive Fiscal Impact Calculator

We are drowning in data. A dashboard should help you to draw key conclusions. The CX.AI simulator lets you size the impact of actions. Impacts on CX and financial bottom line.

Enterprise-Grade Concierge Service

We are here to make this work for you. Enterprises can’t leave things to chance just because it saves money.

  • Extensive consultation on setup
  • Build a custom-made codebook
  • Consultation and coaching of results

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