Customer Audio and Video Feedbacks

Customer audio and video feedbacks


What about the other fancy methods that we have around like audio or video feedback or something along the lines of conversational surveying?


That’s also on the rise and some companies do it and actually the basic language of everything IS “text”. If you record an audio, transcribe it and feed it in the same process I just described. If it’s video, the main information is also audio, it can be real-time transcribed and fit in the same process. You can in parallel run through other algorithms, which you can also tap on in real time, which is detecting the emotion on the voice. You can see the emotion in the face of a video. All this are available real-time cloud services, where you can, in addition to what they say you can give an algorithm what customers feel using voice or facial information. This can be captured and analysed with your CX analytics. The processes is the same, but in any ways, I think it’s worthwhile to pursue that because, over audio and also video people tend to talk more than in open-ended text fields.


It is similarly effective to active listening, which you can also do over audio interview. You can also have a machine asking questions – it’s not rocket science anymore. It’s done as we speak. So if someone wants to build something like that, that’s done in a short set up period.

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