Most Important Thing When Collecting Customer Feedback

Most Important thing when collecting customer feedback


Hey, if you collect customer feedback, the most important thing is… to make use of it. That’s the biggest thing, what I am seeing in companies and enterprises that, of course we ask the customers open-end question, but feedback is rarely used.


You may send the bulk of feedbacks to the front line, but nobody looks structurally into it, what it really means and what drives impact. Why? Because we don’t have the means to analyze it. I explained that there are techniques to do it.


If you think about it, customer centricity is a big buzzword nowadays. How customer centric are you? If you ask your most important partner, which is your client and… you don’t give a s***, what he’s saying, because you don’t analyse and act on it, what does this tells you about your customer centricity?


Ethically it’s your duty to make more out of your data. We owe it to our customer – they pay our bills and they secure our future.

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