CX Enterprise Platforms vs. Specialized Solutions

CX Enterprise Platforms vs. Specialized Solutions


Enterprise typically choose so-called enterprise solutions, like we’ve got Qualtrics or Medallia or InMoment. Still there is a universe of specialized solutions just like Would you advise to ignore it?


Good question. If you want to get the best out of it, if you really want to drive impact, you should think of those specialized solutions for a simple reason: it’s possible to use those systems.


Qualtrics are not closed systems. They all have docking stations where you can basically plug, with any kind of other software systems. If you look into this, these systems as any other platform are not the best ones in the market now. So they have good standard modules. So for instance, if you look at those two pieces:


they have a text analytics model and they have a key driver analytics model. You can take those modules from the platforms and try to use it.


Those the text analytics modules are just supervised learning. It will not be sufficiently precise compared to what is possible. The key driver analysis module is a simple regression (invented 100 years ago). It’s neither capturing non-linearities nor capturing indirect effect. It’s not a causal engine.


If you do the comparison you will find that the validity of taking specialized solutions is four times higher.


This is just a number, but actually you can see it in real life. If you just use out of the box solutions, you often get those strange results. For instance, positive things like friendliness suddenly have a negative impact. Then becomes strange because you cannot explain this anymore. It becomes obvious that the methodology is, missing something now. Therefore it is a good mix to used what you have, the enterprise system, and plug and play on a specialized solutions for that.


The best example for such a solution is

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