Is Advanced CX Analytics Applicable for B2B or High Value Niches?

Is advanced CX analytics applicable for B2B or high value niches?


So does advance CX analytics also work in a B2B company?


Absolutely. What’s different in B2B? There are maybe two things which come to my mind. Language is very specific and second sample size is low. As explained a supervised learning approach is tailored exactly for specific language. So if you run this methodology, you can really train like an domain expert, i.e. having an AI categorizing like a domain expert to a B2B. Regarding sample size, of course, if you have very little data, it’s probably not enough, but there are many tricks where you can work with it and if you are a sizeable B2B company, typically you have hundreds or even thousands of feedbacks. Enterprise B2B typically have enough data.


One of those tricks and trades to work with lower sample size is so-called split analysis. You take the whole data set and split it in certain subset of your customers, which you want to research on. You model with all data but overweight the split. That handles the instability caused by the low sample size and smooths out by the larger dataset.

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