Experience the new generation of

Net Promoter Score™ platforms

Gain deeper insights and simplify your NPS program,

save money and your customer’s time!

– It surveys your customers

– Human-trained AI codes all text input

– AI identifies key loyalty drivers

– Web dashboards gives full transparency

Simple two-question survey

Two questions are all you need – the NPS question plus an open-ended feedback question asking “why.” Our natural language processing engine automatically categorizes customer feedback into content categories and our award-winning causal AI engine automatically reveals the key drivers of loyalty.


Deeper insights than with any other platform

Conventional NPS programs are descriptive, not predictive. They don’t provide insight into WHY NPS changed or reveal the HIDDEN, non-obvious success drivers needed to improve NPS.

Our powerful web-based dashboard shows it all: Trended NPS, our proprietary AI-powered impact of key loyalty drivers, and an explanation of the change in NPS compared with the last wave.




NPS.AI requires just a small fraction of investment compared to NPS programs with key driver analysis. Subscription packages per month are available at even lower rates. Customized solutions are available as well.

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NPS.AI has all you need

Frequently Asked Questions:

“Can we use our existing survey program and just use NPS.AI’s intelligence and dashboard?”
Sure. This is a flexible solution that can be customized to your needs.

Can we use email invites as well as SMS-based or web-visitor surveys?
Absolutely. We will collect responses in the manner that best suits your needs.

Can we use all the context information that we know about our customers (like age, gender, customer type, value, history, etc.) in the modeling?
Yes. This is available as part of a customized program.

Which languages does NPS.AI support?
We support all major languages and many of the less prevalent languages spoken in the world.

Is there a minimum number of responses needed to feed the AI engine?
Not really. If you have just 100 responses, we will use a maximum of five content codes (driver categories). If we have more customer responses available, then we will develop a more elaborate codebook.

Can we as a client give you input on which content categories are most important to us?
Definitely. We will leverage any suggestions that you can offer from past research or industry knowledge.

We like to track multiple touchpoints, countries and segments. Can NPS-AI cope with this?
Yes. Any touchpoints, countries, segments or a combinationof this get its own one-page dashboard. It depends on the sample size and the available budget if an own key driver model is set up for every split or a rather a higher level split is used.

Does is also work in a B2B context?
Yes. B2B audiences can be very different. Often they even even higher response rates and give more not less details in an open end questions. In case they are resistent to answer, we probe for more elaboration. Research show that with NPS-style surveys respondents truly enjoy answering. There is no better way of surveying a broad audience of customers.


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